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[sticky post] Welcome to my Jumping World! (^_^)


Valentine's meme

Happy Valentine's Day! It's 3 in the morning now, been busy doing some work-related stuffs needed for Monday but still able to do this meme. I still haven't watched the full episode of Itadaki High JUMP where Chinen "played" with dogs but I watched some clips of that episode. Baby Chii is still so cute even if he's scared. Mou~~~ whatever he does, he's still cute. <3 <3 <3
But after the previous ItaJUMP eps that I have watched (where Yamachan is forced to do things he is scared of), I wonder if it's Chii's turn to do those things? The staffs are sadists. LOL XD




Yay! I just turned twenty- two yesterday! I spent the day at work but I still received tons of greetings from my friends and family. I even almost spent an overnight at work, glad that my senior didn't require me to do so. Although our seniors don't know it's my birthday and I don't have the plan to say so even to my co-staff which are also newly hired haha. It's the most simple birthday I had or so I thought. Before I went home, I bought a simple dinner for myself and some fries for my friends at home courtesy of Mcdonalds. haha. As I open the door of the condo, they greeted me happy birthday but when I opened the door of our bedroom, they surprised me with a birthday cake! Although, it became a tradition for our group of friends to give birthday cakes, I didn't expect them to give me last night. I didn't expect it because I know that we are all busy and often comes home late at night so that there's no time for such. But tadah~~~ I'm so happy~ <3

Turning twenty-two, well I still don't feel I'm that old already haha. I'll just enjoy life, be happy and make others happy. :3
Oh yeah, that's me- the haggard me. Just be considerate. I came home from a day's load of work
:D :D
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I'm Back!!!

After a long time, I'm finally able to browse the HSJ fandom again. :) Well, I've been busy with my review for the board exam and thank goodness I passed that exam. I'm working already in an auditing firm and currently undergoing my training (in fact, I'm using the company's LAN right now although it's prohibited haha).

It's good to be finally back in the fandom, though I'm still not updated yet with all the stuffs I've missed. I hope I'll find time to download and browse those, read fanfics and finally update my pending fic. I missed my fandom friends, hope they still remember me haha. And I hope I could join the fan gathering (if there's any) on Yuri's birthday. But the comeback is not yet final coz December is approaching and that means busy season in our company. Geez. Hope I won't be busy *cross fingers* (^_^)


Steal My Ryosuke

Title: Steal My Ryosuke
Pairing: YamaChii
Genre: fluff
Rating: G

[He suddenly felt sad and sorry...]

Encore! Encore! Encore!
The fans' chanting can be heard loudly inside the Tokyo Dome and a few seconds later, their request was heard. Hey Say JUMP emerged and started singing Thumb and Pinky. The members scattered, some going towards the fans, some ride the carts and some are just dorking around the stage.

Chinen chose to stay onstage and play with Yabu and Inoo but soon enough, Yabu and Inoo left him and had their own moment at the side. Left alone, Chinen scanned the concert hall and saw some uchiwas with his face and name on it. To show his gratitude, he blew flying kisses to his fans and said "thank you". As he continue to scan the area, he saw Yamada who walks beside the barrier of fans, extending his arms to the fans nearby. It looks like that part are Yamada's fans because they grew crazy as Yamada passed. Some fortunately were able to hug him. Some uchiwas also say "Yamada, please be mine." Upon seeing that, he suddenly felt sad and sorry but shook it off immediately and continued on smiling and cheering with the other fans.

"Oretachi ga Hey Say JUMP!" the members shouted along with the fans and with a few waves and thank you's, the members started to go backstage. The concert ended finally.

Chinen walked first to their dressig room and get his towel. He wiped his sweat as the dressing room starts to get crowded and noisy as the other members went in and talk about the recent concert. He remembered again that scene with Yamada and his fans. He really felt sad and sorry for...
"Hey babe," suddenly he felt a pair of arms snaked his waist and someone's chin on his shoulder. He leaned to his chest and smiled.

"Hey too, my Ryosuke~"

"Ahh~ The concert is fun, ne? The fans are too active."

"Yeah, it's fun. By the way, I saw some of the fans hugging you. I also saw some uchiwas saying 'Yamada, please be mine'. Maah~~ I'm jealous," Chinen joked and pouted but Yamada seemed to have taken it seriously because he frowned then turned Chinen so that they are standing face to face and held both of Chinen's hands.

"I love how my fans hug me because it shows how much they love me. But I love it more when it's you who hug me. I'm glad when I make you smile but I'm more glad when I'm the reason why you smile. I love my fans but I love you the most. They may leave me and that will make me really sad but if it's you who will leave me, I can't take that. I'll die. I love you that much, Yuri.I really, really lo-"

Chinen kissed Yamada's lips to shut his lover before he can add more cheesy lines to his already cheesy declaration of love. After the heated kiss, he looked at Yamada and smiled proudly.

"Just kidding. I'm not jealous. I already know that, baka. And I love you too," and gave another peck to Yamada's lips.

Yamada smiled too and playfully touched Chinen's nose tip with his finger. "I'm glad you know that. Well, let's go home? I really want to take a shower already then cuddle with you in bed tonight," Yamada said and offered his hand to Chinen.

Chinen took Yamada's hands and while walking, he remembered again the scene in the concert. Well, he really felt and sad and sorry... sad and sorry for those fans of Yamada because their dream of stealing Yamada's heart won't ever come true.

Because he know for sure, everybody wanna steal his Ryosuke and take his heart away but as long as he and his Ryosuke is alive, no one can take them apart from each other. And that fans should just remember that Yamada Ryosuke belongs to Chinen Yuri, and Chinen Yuri belongs to Yamada Ryosuke FOREVER.

~*~*~* ~owari~ *~*~*~

The idea suddenly popped when I heard the song Steal My Girl by One Direction.
Anyway, I'm so sorry for not updating my ff The One Who Got Away though I mentioned that I'm updating on that certain day. My memory card which contains the files got lost and so I have to write it again but my life is busier than usual this month. So, that ff will be on- hold for the mean time.

Thanks for reading! Tell me what you think. Comments are loved. (^_^)

The One Who Got Away -Chap 1

Title: Tho One Who Got Away
Chapter: One
Author: marlberry
Rating: G
Pairing: YamaChii , other OTPs to come
Genre: Romance, friendship, fluff, angst

Read more...Collapse )


YAY! It's 2015! I expect that this year will bring the turning point in my life.Aside from graduating in college , I will also be taking the CPA Board Examination on October and I really hope to pass that exam.

I tried to really enjoy the celebrations last 2014 because I told to myself that it will be the last year that I won't be a non-professional person anymore and that have to face already the real world since I will be leaving the veil of the education system. Yesterday, we held our annual New Year's party in the neighborhood and I enjoyed it to the fullest. After that, we had a small drinking session with some of my friends. We had fun telling our whatabouts since we rarely see each other anymore last year and I've been busy with school stuffs and some of them are already working in another place. We reached until 3am and when it's time to go home, I tried to suppress my tears as they walk me home especially when Kuya John told me that he's leaving to Manila to prepare his papers for abroad but promised me that he'll make sure that he won't leave not until he sees his little brother and me to graduate from college. My other friend/Tita Ninay also promised to come home.

The thought that that celebration might be the last one that our usual group of buddies will be complete, saddens me. We've been like that for the past few years and the feeling of cutting our "tradition" brings tears to my eyes. I also expect that I might not also be able to come home for Christmas or even New Year this 2015 since I plan to work in Manila and based from the experience of my sempais, the 1st year of their work resulted in them not being able to come home. Really, growing up, facing the real world and parting ways is part of our life but I haven't fully prepared my emotional self for this. I still have 3 months more before I graduate and I'll make sure that I'll make the best out of it. After that, whatever life may offer, BRING IT ON! ^^


Maybe in Another Lifetime

Title: Maybe in Another Lifetime
Pairing: YamaChii
Author : marlberry
Warning: Girl Chinen

Getting her love is what I consider my life's greatest battle.Collapse )

Letters of A Painful Love

Title: Letters of A Painful Love
Pairing: YamaChii
Genre: angst
Rating: G

Dear Yuri....Collapse )

That's it. I myself think that something's lacking with this.lol. Anyway, this is written within that week after JUMP's concert. I felt so down about Yamachan's fanservice with the others aside from Chii (blame my YamaChii shipper's heart). And so here's the result.

Let me know about your opinion,ne? (^_^)

Otanjoubi Omedetou hubby!

Fotor0509155326It's my hubby's birthday today. Happy birthday Yamada Ryosuke! Argh, can't flail with myu fandom friends today coz I'm busy with school stuffs. Just went online to greet my hubby. But I'm celebrating on my own (coz I don't have anyone to celebrate it with personally.

Dear hubby,
Stay cool as always and continue striving for your dreams coz I'll strive with my own too. In two or three years time, I'll go and meet you personally, remember that. :D I wish you that all your dreams will come true, stay healthy always and God bless! I love you!!!

Your wifey ,
Marlberry <3